McCoy Wynne

McCoy Wynne Based in Merseyside, photographers Stephen McCoy and Stephanie Wynne formed the collaborative partnership McCoy Wynne in 1998.

They have a successful commercial photographic business specialising in the built environment and location portraiture. They are also involved in their own fine art practice, collaborate on personal projects and are active in publishing and exhibiting work. They have previously exhibited in Open Eye Gallery, the Bluecoat, finalists in Liverpool Art Prize (2009) and Bingo and Burial as part of Look11, where they revisited different demolition sites documented 30 years ago.

McCoy Wynne will be exhibiting work from Triangulation an on-going five-year project to visit all 314 Primary triangulation points built and measured between 1936 and 1962 by the Ordnance Survey for a project known as the Retriangulation of Great Britain. The project intends to visit all 314 points and, using the pillar as a point of reference, produce 360-degree panoramas of the topographical view. The work will provide a comprehensive survey of the British landscape and deals with issues of mapping, representations of the landscape, the layering of history, land use, ownership and boundaries.

McCoy Wynne will be collaborating with Merseyside based writer Kenn Taylor on the project.



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